Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well, hello! It's nice to meet you!

It's a funny think how life "works".  We have to sort of chuckle at its ironies and paths that lead us to people in our lives. And our chance meeting is complete evidence of that!

Our meeting was meerly by chance and neither of us could have imagined would lead to where we are today.

Somewhere between the paper and this scissors at a scrapbook store in a Phoenix suburb, we realized we shared an unsatiable hunger for all things creative! 

Years passed, babies were born and we've forged a remarkable friendship,  sharing not only an interest in paper pretties and crafts, but also the joys of marriage, motherhood and faith. 

If you're around us enough...or even just a few minutes, you might here an odd nickname we have for each other...'bird, birdy or depending on the situation... bird brain."

It's just a term of endearment for us, as we consider ourselves birds of a feather (Mon)ge and (Mell)strom who flock together, previously just in daily life and now in a business dream we call MonMell Designs.

And we aspire to help you feather your nest!

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