Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, BABY!

Another shiny ball drops in NYC and another NYE is in the books now! 

The black-eyed peas have been eaten, the tamales, the ham...and frankly, more food than any one human should consume.  Still, we do because we can... and perhaps more importantly we want to! :)

Of course, the next logical step in the road to 2013 is setting a New Year Resolution.  You've heard all the statistics of how few people will actually stick with them.  But, that matters not!  We must set them and we will!... Or WILL we?

While you decide IF you'll set a resolution we scoured the Internet to find some funny resolutions:

5 Resolutions you wouldn't keep (or want to) and 5 Resolutions you might actually keep!!

Happy 2012!!

5 Resolutions you wouldn't keep (or even want to).
1. I will find out why I have 9 email addresses.
2. I will stop Facebook posting or texting someone who is 2 feet away from me.
3. I will stop watching the The Biggest Loser while eating chips or ice cream.
4. I will spend less than $1864.32 on Starbucks coffee this year.
5. I will stop pinning things on Pinterest in the belief that I will actually do them, make them, create them, eat them...etc.

5 Resolutions you might actually want to keep:
1. I will spend more time 'Pinning', because I don't do it enough.
2. I will exercise less.
3. I will procrastinate more.
4. I will watch more Reality TV.
5. I will do less laundry and incorporate the piles into my home decor.

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